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The Collective on Education, Decoloniality and Emergencies (CEDE!) is comprised of individuals and organisations seeking just practices for trans/national aid to learners, educators and education systems experiencing crisis. We are led by a shared set of objectives and values rooted in the teachings of decolonial thought and struggle.

Decoloniality is a way of understanding power in the contemporary world through its connections to historic and ongoing forms of colonialism and imperialism. Decolonial thinkers and activists examine the historical linkages behind the values, beliefs, and forms of violence that produce and sustain present-day systems of oppression and control, such as racism, sexism and patriarchy. In doing so, they seek to call attention to the people, histories, and knowledges that these forces devalue and erase.

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CEDE! is motivated by a similar desire to address the oppressive legacies of humanitarian education aid, which we believe underpin ongoing forms of violence and dispossession within the field today. To this aim, our work is organised around six core values and objectives:

  • To resist the unjust and exploitative dimensions of humanitarian aid through action and organising that redistributes power to those disadvantaged most by social, economic and political crisis;

  • To show that the aid system is not irreplaceable, neutral or universal with regards to education policy, practice and research during times of crisis;

  • To centre voices, knowledges and histories excluded from decision-making within the field of EiE, including the lived experience of marginalised individuals and communities;

  • To make our activities accessible across and beyond institutional, bordered, linguistic, social and economic divides, without assuming a prescriptive, generalising, or homogenising approach;

  • To offer practical tools regarding critical reflection and emancipatory action for students, educators and those who support them;

  • To help imagine a world where humanitarian aid is detached from imperialist and militaristic desires and experiments.

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Atenea Rosado-Viurques

Jee Rubin

Jess Oddy

Maha Shuayb

Mai Abu Moghli
Massa Mufti

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