Dear colleagues,

We know many people are experiencing issues using ‘ZoomEvents’. We chose ‘ZoomEvents’ because we thought some colleagues would already be familiar with zoom technologies. We did not realise, however, that ZoomEvents functions in an entirely different way than ‘ZoomMeetings’ and ‘ZoomWebinar’. We appreciate these differences can be confusing and frustrating.

We have successfully helped many colleagues troubleshoot issues with the platform, and we’ve found the following things to be useful:


  1. ‘ZoomEvents’ is different from both ‘ZoomMeeting’ and ‘ZoomWebnair’. The platform works by creating a connection between the website in your web browser and the Zoom App on your desktop computer or mobile device. To link the two, you need to sign into both the website and the desktop app using the email you registered with. This can be very confusing as people often have several zoom accounts and may be signed into multiple accounts at once. Try signing out of both the web port and app, and starting the process from the beginning.

  2. Once you’re signed into both the website and app, you’ll need to click ‘join lobby’ on the tickets page of You’ll then have to give your browser permission to launch and connect with the application. At this point, some users may be asked to update the application, as you must have the latest version of zoom to run ‘ZoomEvents’. Once you’ve completed the update, please restart your computer and try the sign-in process from the beginning.

  3. Users who registered for the event using a zoom account linked to an institutional license (such as a university, organisation or company) may encounter issues in using the platform, as you may not have full permissions or access to the settings of your account. If you are facing similar challenges, please re-register for the conference using a personal email account (you may need to create one if you do not have a second email). Once you do, remember to check that you are signed into both the desktop app and web portal using your personal address.

  4. Users who cannot successfully launch the lobby after clicking the ‘Join Lobby’ icon from the tickets page may get stuck on the 'allow' screen. If so, once a session has begun, you will instead be able to click ‘Skip and Join In-Progress Session’. This will take you directly into whatever session is taking place at the time.

  5. Unfortunately, users from countries facing western sanctions related to internet access and digital technologies may not be able to access the platform. This includes Cuba and Syria.

We have created two videos that offer step-by-step instructions:


Shorter video: 


Longer video:

Finally, if you are still experience issues, we will be hosting 30-minute technical support sessions over regular ‘ZoomMeetings’ for all participants at the following dates and times. Please email us at for the access details: 


Friday, December 3 at 2:30PM GMT

Tuesday, December 7 at 1:30PM GMT


Thursday, Dec 9 at 9:30AM GMT

Thursday, Dec 9 at 2:30PM GMT

Thank you for your patience as we at CEDE! continue to learn and grow about how to bring people together online.